Not Racist, But ... 

I've created and curated - in partnership with Melbourne's Wheeler Centre - the first all-day festival in Australia dedicated to anti-racism and race-related issues. 

What is race? What is racism? Simple questions with complicated answers. In May, we'll dive in deep, with a full day of frank and forthright talks on race in Australia today. Are we evolving in our understanding of racial issues? How do questions of race intersect with questions of culture, representation and justice? 

Not Racist, But … is a day to discuss race and racism in our culture, our history, our politics and our media.

Link to the full series can be found here 


I created, curated and moderated - in partnership with Melbourne's Wheeler Centre - the Africa Talks series.

The series explored and challenged the perceptions of the African-Australian identity, its representation and politics.


I created, produced and hosted a 10 part podcast series about young 20-something women from around the world, each using their skills and talents to help make a positive contribution in their communities.

The full series can be found here.


Founded this production company a few years ago aimed at creating diverse stories in engaging and innovative ways.