1:00 am01:00

Girls Write Up - Melbourne

This is a great event for young girls and teenagers who are interested in the world of storytelling. 

I'll be speaking with other panellists at the Melbourne event on Women in Male Spaces.

On making space for female voices in male dominated industries – what challenges do women face? How are they treated differently because of their gender? What ideas would we have missed out on if women weren’t in these spaces? And how can we make the way easier for the women of the future? More details here

3:00 am03:00

Human Rights Film Festival

I'll be speaking on a panel at this year's Human Rights Film Festival in Melbourne. 

Australian politics is characterised by heated debates on immigration policy and the scope of the Australian government’s obligation to asylum seekers. Many politicians cite the alleged shortcomings of diversity and multiculturalism in Australia and internationally, disregarding the rich contributions of many new Australians. This panel addresses (mis)conceptions of immigration in Australia in relation to the lived realities and successes of immigrant, refugee and marginalised communities. More deets here


8:15 am08:15

Blinkered Vision: Race and Dating in Australia

  • The Wheeler Centre

Do you have a thing for ‘tall, dark and handsome’ types? Are you a gentleman who prefers blondes? Are our romantic types and tastes simply that – matters of taste – or do our preferences reveal deeper prejudices?

Earlier this year, journalist Santilla Chingaipe presented a funny and riveting documentary on SBS, Date My Race, about the role race plays in the world of 21st-century dating. In the documentary, Chingaipe interviewed sociologists, psychologists, research scientists and daters – looking closely at the data to reveal some confronting trends and patterns in Australia’s online dating landscape.

At the Wheeler Centre in May, the conversation around dating and race continues. Host Serpil Senelmis will be joined by sociologist Karen Farquharson and Chingaipe herself for a discussion about conscious and unconscious biases, the factors that drive attraction and the notion that opposites attract. Do racial preferences equal racism? Join us for a discussion of dating today.

Book via this link

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ART + FILM - John Akomfrah

I'll be discussing the work of British artist and filmmaker, John Akomfrah, alongside Professor Nikos Papastergiadis. The discussion will be moderated by Jacqueline Doughty, the Curatorial Manager at The Ian Potter Museum of Art. 

The talk is part of an exhibition the museum will be showing of John Akomfrah's work and more details can be found here http://www.art-museum.unimelb.edu.au/exhibitions/future-exhibitions/exhib-date/2017-04-19/exhib/john-akomfrah-vertigo-sea

Apr 29

Conscious Dating - Race and Dating (Sydney)

Conscious Dating Co explores what it means to date consciously in a series of panels and workshops. At 107 Projects in April we discuss attraction, racial bias and dating in Australia.

What influences attraction? Is racial bias affecting your dating life? How do you deal with being fetishised? And can we all expand our dating pool by mindfully inspecting our own racial biasses?

Conscious Dating Co founder Kaila Perusco will host a panel discussion with award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and host of SBS’s Date My Race, Santilla Chingaipe; writer and equal rights advocate Andy Quan; and applied sociologist Dr Zuleyka Zevallos.

More details can be found here http://consciousdatingco.com/workshops/2017/4/26/conscious-dating-race-and-dating

Apr 8

Lindsay launch party

You’re invited for an evening of talks, drinks and canapés to celebrate the launch of Lindsay: a new online publication (by Beth Wilkinson) exploring, documenting and celebrating place and culture. 


We've invited three special guests to each talk about place from a different perspective. Journalist and documentary filmmaker Santilla Chingaipe will breakdown New York City’s diverse boroughs; Melbourne-based artist David Booth (Ghostpatrol) will talk about living and working in Iceland; and writer and arts worker Eugenia Flynn will share her ideas on Australian culture—as an Aboriginal, Chinese Malaysian and Muslim woman.

Enjoy a glass of Yering Station wine or a Hargreaves Hill Brewing CompanyPale Ale from Victoria’s own Yarra Valley with one of A1 Bakery's famous Lebanese treats at Allpress Roastery's Collingwood Studio.

Event: 6—9pm / Talks commence at 7pm sharp


Mar 27

VMC Film Festival

Hosting Australia's first multicultural film festival featuring films from young Australians from diverse backgrounds. 


More details about the event here 

WOW - Women of the World Festival
5:30 am05:30

WOW - Women of the World Festival

  • Footscray Community Arts Centre

WOW – Women of the World Festival Melbourne is a three-day festival of critical conversations, music, film and performance, celebrating women and taking an in-depth look at the remaining challenges to gender equality.

I'll be appearing on the 23rd of March as part of the WOW Bites session.

I'll be talking about love.

More details about the event can be found here.

Mar 19

Screening of Date My Race with Q& A with Santilla Chingaipe

  • Afro Hub

AfroHub in Melbourne will be screening Date My Race and holding a Q&A with me after.

It will be moderated by Editor in Chief of Ascension Magazine - Australia's First Indigenous & Ethnic Women’s Lifestyle Magazine - Sasha Sarago. 

Admission is free. More details here 

4:30 am04:30

#AllAboutWomen The Challenge of Change

  • Sydney Opera House

In an age of disruption and climate change, how will humans adapt?

Social scientist Karen O’Brien has devoted her career to exploring the mechanisms that drive change and adaptation. What do we need to understand about how we create change – and how do we deal with the consequences?

Event details can be found here http://aaw.sydneyoperahouse.com/line-up-2017/karen-obrien


10:15 am10:15

M Talks: Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran in conversation with Santilla Chingaipe

  • MPavillion

Sri Lankan-born, Sydney-based artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran creates rough-edged, vibrant, new-age idols that are at once enticing and disquieting. His figurative sculptures experiment with form and scale and explore the politics of sex, the monument, gender and organised religion.

While proceeding from a confident atheist perspective, Ramesh draws upon his Hindu and Christian heritage as reference points, also looking to popular culture including the internet, pornography, fashion and art history. In his latest solo exhibition at The University of Melbourne’s Ian Potter Museum of Art, self-portraits make frequent appearances and the dual presence of male and female organs suggest gender fluid realms of new possibilities.

Join Ramesh and award winning journalist Santilla Chingaipe in conversation as they explore the possibilities of his latest body of work on show at The University of Melbourne’s Ian Potter Museum of Art, In the Beginning

For more details and to book http://mpavilion.org/program/ramesh-mario-nithiyendran-in-conversation-with-santilla-chingaipe/

Growing Up With Maxine Beneba Clarke
9:15 am09:15

Growing Up With Maxine Beneba Clarke

  • The Wheeler Centre

Maxine Beneba Clarke grew up in sunny, suburban Sydney, the child of two West Indian emigres. In many ways, it was a typical Australian childhood of the 1980s and 1990s – she caught tadpoles in the creek, rode her bike and longed for a cabbage-patch kid. But Maxine was never allowed to forget that her skin colour marked her out as someone different.

As part of our HEY GIRL series of conversations, Maxine is coming to the Wheeler Centre to talk about her own Australian girlhood; a girlhood tainted by racism. Her new memoir, The Hate Race, describes – in both horrific and comical detail – the everyday ignorance and sometimes open hostility she encountered during her school years.

An acclaimed poet, a magnificent storyteller and Wheeler Centre regular, Maxine is a writer whose work traverses form. Praised by critics as ‘incendiary’ and ‘urgent’, The Hate Race follows Maxine’s celebrated debut short-story collection, The Foreign Soil and a recent poetry collection, Carrying the World.

I'll be in conversation with Maxine at Melbourne's Wheeler Centre and we'll chat about her childhood, race and feminism

Not Quite Australian: Citizenship and Belonging
9:15 am09:15

Not Quite Australian: Citizenship and Belonging

  • the wheeler centre

The goalposts for Australian citizenship status have often shifted over the course of our history. Most recently, new laws passed by the Turnbull Government have given increased power to the executive in making decisions on individuals’ citizenship cases. What are the personal costs of this friction between issues of national security and human rights? And what happens when people who are Australian in all but name are denied the rights and protections guaranteed to citizens?


I'll be hosting a discussion with journalists Kristina Kukolja and Peter Mares at Melbourne's Wheeler Centre about how the lack of – or loss of – citizenship affects the fabric of our nation.