Production title: Against The Grain (Working Title)
Production Type: Documentary series for the ABC
Project length: Short (30 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: Melbourne
Production Company: Arena Media
Director: Santilla Chingaipe
Producer: Kate Laurie
Casting Coordinator: Jasmine Tatai
Shooting Location: Melbourne (various locations)

Brief: We are making a series of dramatic recreations for a series of short documentaries for the ABC to air next year.  
The documentary series profiles 6 Australian millennial artists from diverse backgrounds and how their cultural backgrounds have informed their artwork.
All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Production in Melbourne, November 16-21. Each actor is only required for one of these days. These are non-speaking roles.

Character BIOS
Episode 1:

Mum [Age: 30-50]. Must be of South Sudanese heritage

Three school children in uniform [various ages/ethnicities/gender]

Episode 2:

Two young kids [approx 8-12 and preferably boy and girl] with Middle Eastern heritage

Episode 4:

Teenage girl [13-18]. Must be of South American heritage

Mum and Dad [30-50] Must of European heritage  

Two young kids [approx 8-12 of any gender] with South American heritage

Adult [25-50] with European heritage  

Episode 5:  

Teenage girl [14-19] any heritage

Woman or Man [30-50] any heritage

Please contact Jasmine Tatai [] to book an audition/more details.

Thank you.